What I learned in 2012

What did I learn in 2012?

Every year is filled with so many moments, choices, connections, teachings and these are a few of the things that were highlighted to me in 2012.   

*Adventure is not only right around the corner it’s in every moment…

*Moving on doesn’t mean erasing what existed

*Saying yes creates so many more opportunities and experiences

*Abandoned buildings are so much fun to play in

*Space from someone doesn’t have to mean forever

*Closure doesn’t have to be complicated or painful

*Conscious breathing brings a stillness deeper than me

*There’s something very peaceful and powerful about walking in a labyrinth

*I really don’t have control and when I yield to this I find my world begins to open

*I have some of the most incredible friends I could ever ask for

*The ocean stills my soul like no other

*I know how to take care of ME best

*Playing as a kid is when my soul feels the most free

*Some people you don’t ever stop missing… and that’s okay

I wonder what 2012 taught you? What was it that was revealed to you in the in-between moments? What do you want to take with you and what do you want to leave behind? 
Who knows what 2013 will bring, but I’m not holding my breath to find out, instead I’m breathing in each moment to let it all unfold in whatever way it needs to. 

The energy I hope to bring in 2013 is one of service and connection.  As well as an ownership of the power that’s within me that I too often disown.  What energy are you hoping to usher into the next 12 months. 

May 2013 reveal to you what it is you need to see and may your eyes of your soul be open to take it all in.... and may you breathe it all in! 

I see ME: See YOU

My client's often ask me about me, and though I'll disclose through story after story...  what often surprises me is their surprise or rather relief.. in learning that I make mistakes.. that I feel depressed some days... that I feel angry... that some days I don't 'feel' like getting out of bed...  that I struggle... that sometimes I just feel crazy... some days I just feel like everything is against me... but wait...didja catch that?  The key word here is 'feel'  and though I 'feel' like that -  it doesn't mean I AM that.... all it means is I'm human.... and so are they...  we all have so much in common with a million different ways of expressing our uniqueness or sameness (you choose)

I'm not different than them... and I'm not different than YOU...and nor are you from ME but something appears or feels different in their time with me.... maybe it's because I've learned how to sit in my own pain which allows me to sit in theirs... maybe it's because I've learned that judgment does nothing but separate and so they feel the freedom to share anything knowing they won't be judged... maybe it's because I've given myself compassion and acceptance that they too feel compassion and acceptance from me... maybe it's because I believe that we are all ONE... maybe it's because I've accepted who I am and am comfortable in my skin.. but the truth is... I'm human... and the magiK I feel and live ... is because I've learned and am learning (always  in a state of evolving) to go through the pain... to trust myself... to believe in ME... and to know that I know that I know that everything I need is already inside of me... EVERYTHING! Maybe it's that I've fallen in love with the process... or maybe it's that I find the seeking is the journey... maybe it's because I've realized there is no there - only HERE... maybe it's because I've felt judged, misunderstood, neglected, abused, invisible, not good enough, betrayed - and yet I've found the beauty rise from the ash in each of these.  Maybe it's because I finally learned to love and see me... and accept that this life is messy... and oh so beautiful... sometimes even more so because of the mess :)

so seeing life through my lens.....

I like questions. I like discovering. I like connecting. I like being connected. I like knowing and I like the unknown. I like to travel. I like to explore. I like to play. I like to be intense. I like to look beneath what's seen...I like colors. I believe life is colorful when I choose to truly see. I believe in magiK - the kind that brings aliveness to my world. I like feeling -I like feeling even when I don't feel happy.  I believe everything is my teacher. I believe my greatest teachers have come out of my pain.  I like living the paradox...

things I dislike or make me sad::::: I dislike long lines... having to deal with an automated system for any reason on the phone.... canceled flights.... stepping in gum... sticky things on my fingers... (unless it's glue and then get to pick it off)...  rudeness ... setting the clock back for daylight savings...  misunderstandings... closed minds----> (and I feel sad about this)... being so far away from my family... power trips... rushed dinners... knowing someone is stuck in their fears ----> (this makes me feel sad too)... having to stop for gas... being cut off when driving... oooooh oooh or when I wait for the 'perfect' parking spot and then someone snags right in front of me - bah! I mean.. really?!? --ha!

and in the 'more' I can tell you this:::::: I'm left handed and love to create anytime and chance I get in whatever form that may take.  Both my parents were from England so that meant growing up I spent my summer's in England - I had an English accent until I was 5 and yet somehow I let that fade into an American blended accent - which really means...no accent.  My friends say I'm intense - and I am. I think it's because I prefer authenticity and realness and depth over the surface and mindless talk.  I love fall colors and leaves changing - what I miss most about the East Coast, but I don't miss the cold one bit. I like rainy days only when they're surrounded by days of sun and one of my favorite things is getting all curled up in blankets, drinking tea, watching movies, while I hear the rain fall outside....but I'd pick a day outside over any day inside...I love being in nature and getting lost or rather being present with what's in front of me.  I like the light as much as the dark and find my creativity comes from playing with the contrast between the two. I like shadows from light and believe in the integration of my light and shadow self.  I love art and expression especially when it comes from the soul.  I don't tend to follow the 'typical' path and it appears I make a habit of creating my own way.  I pursue things even more when I'm told it can't happen or it seems impossible and usually find a way to make the supposed impossible come into being.  I've traveled around the world and don't want to stop.  I've been told most my life that I'm an old soul and believe it to be true.  I like the little things and you'd find that everything I have in my room comes with a story.  I'm sentimental and my memory is ridiculous - both a gift and a curse at times.  Both my parents were/are geniuses - aka Scientists...my father was a microbiologist and my mom a biochemist.  It skipped both my sister and I...and my subjects became people as I have always found myself fascinated and intrigued by people.. by their fears... by the way someone talks...walks.. responds...reacts... expresses ONESELF...we are such unique creatures  yes sometimes have fallen to conformity... I know I do at times.. even though I like to think I'm a non conformist.  I don't like being in crowds and prefer one on one or smaller groups for connection...but put me in a crowd and let me watch and I am a happy happy girl.  I love to love and feel my love is deep simply because I've felt pain and know loss.

I share all this knowing we are one in the same..  and this is simply my expression of ME - What's your expression of YOU? 

May you enjoy the discovery of Seeing ~ YOU
And may you have the courage to express authentic YOU!

love love love

2012: Coming to life

It's the beginning of another year.  Every new beginning opens a door for much reflection...Many of us reflect on the past to see where it's taken us.  Many of us venture into reminiscing about the past year and the years before that as if we're searching for a key to our existence, or finding a way to freeze that moment of happiness.  There is much we can learn about the past, our pasts, as each moment we have lived has been there as a messenger for us to evolve into who we really are.  The trick however, is not to live in our memories or to live in our pasts, but rather to awaken this very moment that holds everything we can possibly know and feel.  My past year was full of 'much'... much love, much heartache, much laughter, much sadness, much happiness, much aloneness, much releasing, much acceptance... none of these good... none of these bad... and ALL the much of what I needed for that time, for that place, and for that part of me to evolve into that something 'more'.

In this moment I carry with me a gratitude for my past, for all of those that have come into my life as well as those that came for only a season... as a messenger to my soul.  As I look into my heart there is an excitement of what is brewing into this year of what this year will awaken in me.  There's so much I want to experience, so much I want to feel, so much that I want to LIVE and breathe in each and every moment.

Each year I set up a set of intentions and goals for my year as a way of breathing them into existence.
2012 is an "8" year for me - a year of abundance, a year of manifestation.  Sidenote:  If you're interested in knowing what your current year is, please contact me with your birthdate and I'll be happy to share: email me. My desire is to experience the abundance fully by simply allowing each moment to be alive.

Speak my truth without compromise
A spiritual journey to Peru
Listen to my body:
      Become aware and intentional of what I put into my body
     Allow for consistent movement - running, tennis, yoga, soccer, softball
     Begin a consistent practice of Yoga
     Deepen my meditation practice
Meet new friends that are like-minded
Open more to my spiritual gifts
     Further Shaman training
     Begin learning Reiki
Expand my photography business
Expand A Seeker's Journey
Explore the inner workings of my dreams
Give back...  

One new Country
One new State
Read at least 12 books
Make 3 new friends
Cross one more item off of my bucket list
Certified in Reiki I and II
Run my 2nd 5k
Go see Marianne Williamson
Create a couple of vision boards
Get involved with Voice Dialogue/dream work
Develop a consistent practice of writing out my dreams
     Have my photography shown in an event
     Take a couple of photography classes
A Seeker's Journey:
Increase Workshops
     Increase Clients
     Create something new out of it

What are your intentions?  What are your goals?  What does 2012 hold for you? What has the past taught you so that you can be fully present ~~~~~~~~~NOW!

dream....believe....act....live.... and always remain playfully curious.  :)